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Food Banker Spotlight – Monique Trépanier, Moisson Mauricie / Centre-du-Québec

Food Banker Spotlight – Monique Trépanier, Moisson Mauricie / Centre-du-Québec
We are always interested in hearing more about the individuals in food banking across Canada! This month, our spotlight is on Monique Trépanier from Moisson Mauricie / Centre-du-Québec in Trois-Rivières, QC.

What is your role in the food banking network?
I am the Executive Director of Moisson Mauricie/Centre-du-Québec, the food bank that serves 73 member organizations in the two regions. I sit on the Board of Directors and working committees of our provincial association, Food Banks of Quebec. I also take part in local and regional consultations, which help organizations and partners share expertise so they can provide more than just food assistance to people in vulnerable situations.
Describe a typical day in one word.
Every day is different from the one before, nothing is routine and that’s one of the things I love about my job. In general, I coordinate my team members’ work and support them to ensure that everyone fulfills their role and develops their professional and soft skills. I am involved in working committees to implement actions that allow those we help to develop their independence. I also work to ensure our organization’s sustainability for the years to come.
What was your inspiration to get involved in food banking?
My work has taught me that I can truly help people improve their quality of life. I share the values of the organization and that’s what drives me to keep going.
What is your greatest achievement in your current role?
I am generally a very open person. I think it’s crucial to allow everyone to achieve their full potential and work as a team, which helps me in several aspects of my work. We have worked hard to strengthen the work team and develop and structure the organization while managing growth and mobilizing partners to deliver more than food aid and put the values of Transparency, Respect, Equity and Solidarity into action in all aspects of our work. To ensure Moisson’s growth and continue to improve our services, we have developed our self-generated revenue and worked to diversify our sources of funding. We have been recognized as a social economy enterprise, particularly because of our social integration and employment efforts and our Recettes en pot production chain. Our self-generated revenue is currently around 85%.
What is your greatest challenge in your current role?
Maintaining a vision to bring the organization even further while helping each and every person develop their potential.
If you could have one wish granted that would address hunger in Canada what would it be?
To end prejudice.
Which talent would you most like to have?
Storytelling ability—finding the right words and knowing how to convey a message in an original way.
If you could give your younger self advice, what would it be?
Live life to the fullest!
Who are your heroes, fictional or real?
Tintin, for his adventures, courage and desire to make the world a better place!
What is your idea of happiness?
We are the masters of our own happiness—it’s inside each and every one of us. I try to stay balanced and that brings me joy!
What is your motto?
Step by step.
Something quirky about you that others may not expect or know?
A Moisson volunteer once told some financial partners that Moisson’s management isn’t fancy — it’s on the ground and thrives on being in on the action and close to people.
Your theme song?
Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows by Lesley Gore.
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